Message of Boualem Sansal at the 3rd Congress of the MAK


On the occasion of the 3rd Congress of the Movement for Self-Determination of Kabylia (MAK), Boualem Sensal, Algerian writer and essayist of world renown, sent a little message to the participants of the MAK. Indeed, having an agenda that does not allow him to move to be physically at the MAK Congress in Kabylie to which he was invited, Boualem Sensal responded to the invitation by sending a small message to the Congress testifying, according to its words of his admiration for the courageous action of the MAK  and of its support to the MAK.

We publish below the full “short message” Boualem Sensal, the only Algerian intellectual having the courage to openly express support and admiration for the work of the MAK.

MAK Congress. Small message from Boualem Sansal

Dear brothers, dear compatriots, dear friends,
This is a great day that sees the Movement for Self-Determination of Kabylia (MAK), meet in congress in its country, this land wounded but proud that is Kabylia. Yet a little and the conference could have been held in this place so highly symbolic for the Algerians, the Soummam.

When he will know, the Algerian people will be proud of you, he will be grateful to you for having held the congress in his country. He knows the dangers you brave to meet here in Kabylia, he knows the ferocity of the junta, he suffers continuously from it from the first day of independence. I wanted to be with you, physically speaking, but in truth I am with you in thought with all my heart and all my reason. And I am with you because I think the MAK is a chance for Algeria, it is the bearer of a truly innovative political project, the only one who can break the cycle of submission and bigotry in which the despised regime has imprisoned the people after having stolen his land, his wealth, his Berber identity and  millenary history, his democratic hopes, having been separated from its Mediterranean and African natural anchorage.

The regime has proved time and again and it will not hesitate to prove it again: never concede any freedom to the people, he does only tolerate fack democracy, this to consolidate power and better conceal his turpitude.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights recognizes the oppressed peoples the inalienable right to self-determination and to do everything to break free of misfortune. Under the reign of Bouteflika, unhappiness peaked throughout the country and particularly in Kabylia and Mzab, where is implemented a systematic policy of destruction of everything that makes the soul of these regions. Here we can speak of crimes against humanity, designed, programmed and executed by the regime.

At this stage, we can only ask one question: should one continue to be used as collateral to the regime for a few miserable gratifications or separate and recover ones dignity, the only source of happiness and progress?

I wish you success in your conference.
Long live Algeria, long live Kabylia.

Boualem Sansal February 22, 2016. Siwel

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