Kabylia says no to the Algerian clownishness


Bouteflika, the president for life

PARIS (Siwel) – In a statement released Friday, the Kabyle Provisional Government in exile (Anavad) by the voice of its spokesman Makhlouf Idri, salutes the courage and bravery of the Kabyle citizens who stood up as one man, the 17 of April, to defend the honor of Kabylia by boycotting this umpteenth algerian clowned election .



The presidential election, clowning around this 17 of April 2014, making Algeria the laughingstock of the world, has just taken place. The awaited outcome, not from the ballot box but from a decision of the military hierarchy, will be proclaimed without surprise.

The Bouteflika’s, like their predecessors, may continue to reign as a military regime puppets.

Kabylia who, before these elections, declared them foreign to its people, has not been heard and polling stations were installed on its territory. This is what triggered the anger of its citizens who, early in the morning of the election of dupes, have invested polling stations and ballot boxes were burned.

Barricades were also erected to prevent the arrival of repression forces against the Kabyle demonstrators. Clashes between police and citizens have lasted all day and have resulted in more than 120 injured.

Algerian regime used helicopters to bomb tear gas on protesters struggling with troops to favor the latter. Nothing works. Kabylia has emerged victorious from this event through which it has reappropriated its territorial space and reaffirmed its commitment to exist by itself.

Kabylia just sent the following message to the Algerian government, with the International opinion as witness:

1 -) “The only election in which Kabylia is ready to participate is that of its referendum for self-determination”

2 -) “Kabylia belongs only to the Kabyle people”.


The Algerian government, unmistakedly ridiculous, announced ridiculous rates participations in Kabylia, wich in reality doesn’t exceed 2%.

The Kabyle Provisional Government (KPG) condemns the violence and repression of  the Algerian State against Kabylia and warns against any temptation to subsequent retaliation against its citizens.

The KPG salutes the courage and bravery of all those who have stood up as one man, the 17 of April, to defend the honor of Kabylia.

The KPG urged the Kabyle youth to extreme alertness and lucidity, and with intelligence and political action, to maintains citizen mobilization in order to favor the right to self-determination for Kabylia.

The KPG call the Kabyle people to walk  in the streets to commemorate in unity and dignity, the 20 of April 2014, the Black Spring 2001-2003 and its victims (130 dead and 5000 injured) who extended the Amazigh spring of 1980 and the revolt of September 29th 1963.

Long live to free Kabylia

Long live to peoples’s right for self-determination


Makhlouf IDRI


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