Algerian threats on the marches of 20 April in Kabylia: The Kabyle Provisional Government appeals to international bodies

Provisional Government of Kabylia

EXILE (Siwel) – The president of the Kabyle Provisional Government, Ferhat Mehenni, sent a letter on Monday to several international institutions (Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General; Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission; Barack Obama, president of the United States of America; François Hollande, President of France; Idris Deby, President of the African Union; Bert Koenders, President of the EU Council; François Alfonsi, President of the European free Alliance; Donald Tusk, President the European Council; and Vladimir Putin President of the Russian Federation), alerting them of the repression that is planned by the Algerian government against peaceful demonstrators in Kabylia during the traditional 20 April march, which is due to be held in the cities of Tuvirtt (Bouira), Vgayet (Bougie) and Tizi-Wezzu (Tizi-Ouzou).
We reproduce below the letter addressed to the UN Secretary General:




Mas Amaray n Tuddsa n Leǧnas yeddukklen, Azul,

Mr. Secretary General of the UN,

I have the honor to urgently request the UN protection against the repression that is planned by the Algerian government in Kabylia during the traditional 20 April march, which is due to be held in the cities of Tuvirtt (Bouira), Vgayet (Bougie) and Tizi-Wezzu (Tizi-Ouzou).
Since 1980, on this symbolic day of 20 April, Kabylia voices its claims and asserts its rights, which have evolved in recent decades. After receiving nothing but denial and repression for answers, Kabylia went from modest cultural grievances (identity and linguistic rights) to demanding regional autonomy in 2001.
Anavad, the Provisional Government of Kabylia in exile proclaimed on 1 June 2010, now carries the demands of the Kabyle people for their basic right to self-determination. I will send you a memorandum to this effect within two months.

Mr. Secretary General,

The Movement for the Self-Determination of Kabylia is now the political force, which has the support of Kabyle majority. It is under this banner of this Movement that the march was organized every 20 April for the past ten years.
Since the tragic events of the “Black Spring” (2001-2003), when nearly 130 died and thousands were injured, the repression of Algerian colonial authorities gave way to insecurity and the instrumentation of “Islamist” terrorism in Kabylia.

The repression reappeared in 2014, which you may view here .

In order to deal with diplomatic successes of the Kabyle Provisional Government, Algiers uses manipulation to destroy Anavad’s audience and undermine the image of Kabylia. Indeed, the Algerian services planned the murder of the Cameroonian player Albert Ebossé on 23 August 2014, followed one month later by the kidnapping and killing of the French climber Hervé Gourdel. After the vigilant Kabyle people and the sense of duty of the international press defeated the operations of public opinion manipulation, Bouteflika’s executioners could think of nothing but violence against Kabylia.

Brahim Merad (Wali of Tizi-Ouzou), Ali HADAD (businessman, patron of dubious fortune) and Ould Ali El Hadi (Minister), involved under a circular dated 18 February 2016 and signed by the Algerian Prime Minister, Abdelmalek Sellal, are used to carry the threat of a new bloodbath in Kabylia.

It is because of the seriousness of the situation that I am writing to ask you to use your influence and your authority to enforce human rights in Kabylia and prevent dangers to the Kabyle demonstrators.

For our part, we hold the four officials mentioned above directly responsible for any violence that may arise during this peaceful march. Each crime committed during this memorial day by their henchmen will be heard in the International Criminal Court.
We call for greater vigilance and invite all citizens to mark this event with their massive presence. We invite all those who can to take pictures and film this historical march to expose and foil the conspiracy against Kabylia and the Kabyle people who love peace and freedom.

Mr. Ban Ki Moon,

I hope there is still time to act for peace and that those threats are just empty threats. The Kabyle people will take it massively to the street to express peacefully their profound aspiration to control their destiny.

I am sure that, as a man of peace and diplomacy, you will spare no effort to dissuade Algiers from their thirst for violence and bloodshed against the Kabyle people.

Please, Mr. Ban Ki Moon, accept the assurance of my highest consideration.


Exile, April 11, 2016

For Anavad
Mr. Ferhat Mehenni,
Chairman of the Kabyle Provisional Government

Siwel 112319 April 16

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