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This deficient of memory concerns many European people who have been colonized

Barbarian invasions

Barbarian invasions

This deficient of memory  concerns many people (Like Gallia coloniesed by Franks or Norwegians coloniesed by Danish) who have been colonized, and finally forgotten the centuries of humliation, and adopt the language and the customs of the occupier to the point that to defend the legacy of the occupier is the first duty of those victims.

By Mairead Tagg

Today a trusted Kabyle friend really cawed the feet from me. He was commenting on a post about the Scottish genocide. He asked me why the Scots are too proud to admit that we’ve been colonised. He said that in his view we need to admit the reality of our colonisation by the UK government and then fight to reclaim what’s been lost.

How do you know you’ve been colonised? When the oppressor doesn’t speak your language……

We’re so colonised we’ve almost forgotten that we have more than one tongue in Scotland. We’re so colonised that most of us don’t even recognise the extent to which our culture, languages and history have been washed away like writing on the shoreline erased by the tide.

It seems to me that until we wake up to the reality and depth of our oppression all our brave speeches and cheery marches aren’t worth a row of beans, because we’re actually engaged in a battle to the death for this country. Not just because of economic prosperity or social justice (though God knows they’re sorely needed) but because our identity as a Scottish people, an ancient people, is being destroyed.

We’ve been shamed and sneered at by the UK government for so long we’ve actually come to believe that it’s somehow anti-English, parochial, insular and just wrong to want to cherish and preserve our unique, wonderful identity as Scots.

Today, finally, I really get it. I have never been so frightened for Scotland in my life. I will fight for my country’s freedom until my last breath and I will never stop.

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