A people is free when…


A people is free when it has a territory over which it has a total or a partial sovereignty (for autonomous peoples).

A people is free when there are not other sovereign that impose it a culture, a language, a religion or local leaders.

A people is free when it elects its local representatives and its representatives to other sovereigns (friend or foe).

A people is free when it chooses its own vision of society, according to the vision of the majority, in accordance with its history, its culture, its language, its dreams and its means.

A people is free when it is not summoned to serve and follow an ideology foreign to it.

A people is free when there are no a dominant legislation that requires it to assimilate into another culture, which requires it to be subject collectively to a religion that he does not choose who the obligation to educate their children in a language that is foreign to them and according to the values it does not agree, in programs which it does not decide not content.

A people is free when it adjusts its territory, decides which land are to be assigned to agriculture, those to build, where to draw communication routes, which build bridges, dams, schools, hospitals, mosques, churches or synagogues, industrial parks, hotels and restaurants, boutiques and department stores etc ….

A people is free when idiots do not put pressure on it to force it to declare itself free. Deprived of all these attributes a people is said under domination or colonized or enslaved. All individuals constituting this people are not free individually, similar to what they are not recognized in their identity not heard in their language, not taken seriously in their claims.

Everyone of these people only raze the walls of the official, dissolve in the dominant mass, silence its origins, shut their dreams, shut their worldview and silence their vision for the future of their children.

They hide their accent when they speak the language imposed.
Consort the surrounding bigot dominant language, poses as a model citizen, obeying in accordance with all that is imposed on their people.

They survive until their descendants assimilate completely, forget themselves, to deny and join the dominant culture and religion to finally be quiet and stand on equal face their as their dominant.

One way or another, the Kabyle people is ordered to pay a jizya. The jizya is to abdicate its language, its culture and way of conceiving its relationship with Heaven. Only once this enormous tax is fully paid, the Kabyle is considered full algerian citizen, free and equal in rights to all other citizens.

These rights are to serve the Arab-Islamic ideology, propaganda for the Arabic language, Islam and worship the ancestors of Arabs (Mohammed Omar, Abu Bakr, Ali, Okba …), despise and forget Masnsen, Yugurten, Dihya, Aksil, Syphax …

The own of the rulers is that they redefine the concept of freedom so as not to recognize the other in its new outlines. Thus, the freedom accorded to the Kabyle is that which consists in assimilating to the Arab-Islamism or let the Arab Islamism (only officially legitimate) to dictate what kind of Kabyle they should be. Examples: ouyahia and Ould Ali Messaoudi, Haddad are good Kabyles. Ferhat Lounes, Mammeri, Djaout are wicked Kabyles.


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