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The « Tomb of the Christian » in Cherchell.

This building in Cherchell is known as the « Tomb of the Christian ». A denomination that is completely false since the mausoleum is not Christian.
It belonged to king Juba Il and his wife Cleopatra Selene, the grandchild of queen Cleopatra of Egypt. The French, the dishonest ones, erased all traces of all that our people had accomplished just by making believe that the domination of Rome was a military domination of the legion. Which is entirely false. The Roman Empire was a cultural empire, an idea of civilization carried by intellectuals like our good Juba Il, the most learned of kings.
But what is most unfortunate is the Kabyles themselves who are thus stripped of their own history by adopting the French terminology, by saying « Roman » ruins, even for ruins of cities that were built thousands of years before the very existence of Roman civilization.

Covered alleyways of Ait Rehouna older than five thousand years before Jesus chris and are named Roman ruins

The mausoleum under the Ottoman and French occupation

In 1555, the Pasha of Algiers, Salah Rais, a  Turkish governor , gave orders to pull down the mausoleum hoping to find a treasure to steal. After large black wasps swarmed out and stung some of the workers to death, the effort was abandoned. At the end of the 18th century, Baba Mahommed tried in vain to destroy the monument with artillery.
Later, when the French occupied Algeria the monument was used by the French Navy for target practice.

The entrance is under one of the false doors (west side).
The architecture is similar to that of the medghasen tomb. Circular shape with stacked stones without mortar. This technique is called Bazina (avazin in Kabyle).
It is a technique very controlled by the Kabyle. Just see Tighremt (stone walls without mortar).
Aghrum, unleavened bread (semolina without binder) also derives from this word.
The historical monuments built by our ancestors demonstrate this mastery of architecture without mortar. The Romans only copied us.
Render to Caesar what is Caesar. The ruins that exist in Kabylia are Kabylian ruins.

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