The Libya they do not want to show!

When the media mention Libya, it is through images of horror, talk about death, war, terrorism, Islamic state, anarchy, etc.

Yet in Libya, there is also life: people practice sport, they organize peaceful demonstrations, plant trees, they take care of nature, fight against illegal immigration, …

To see it all, simply go to the Amazigh country … at-Willul (Zouara) for example. But apparently, Western media do not know the way to the Amazigh country … They probably don’t feel safe there …

To give an idea of what is happening in Amazigh country, we suggest you a video of a rally dedicated to volleyball, which took place in February 2016 in At Willul (Zouara), including the game that opposed the team “Tigzirt” from at-Willul against the team Zawiya.

Masin Ferkal

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