Mr Ferhat Mehenni’s response to the media and detractors of Kabylia.

I would start by saying that I am not only a man of culture but also a statesman. I marry both aspects of my personality. I must assume with honor the two facets of my personality.

We build a Kabylian state step by step. We will surely destabilize geopolitics and geostrategy. We are aware of that, but it would be only an injustice that we are repairing in favor of the Kabyle people, this evolved and democratic people so tolerant. They deserve the honors of humanity and access to international honors.

We are not warmongers in any way, but we are not afraid of violence. We are building a security force, an organization of vigilance, information, persuasion to build our independence and our exercise of self-determination.

We are peaceful, we will remain so, as long as there is no bloody aggression against the Kabyle people. We were in a legitime self-defense in 2001 when Algeria massacrated 130 young kabylians, but we did not use violence. It is not obvious that the generations to come, if the same conditions are represented, agree to have the same reflexes as in 2001.

We make sure that there is no bloodshed, but I call on the international community not to do as much as Al Jazeera, the Qatar TV channel, who tries to treat us as terrorists when we have tabled a memorandum to UN to knock on the door of the general assembly in a peaceful, democratic way. It is necessary to withdraw these unfounded accusations which contribute, precisely, in the creation of troubles. From the moment you treat peaceful people as terrorists, you will engender what you say but for the misfortune of what you want to defend.

Geopolitics is a dynamic field always in motion, always on the move. There have never been eternal boundaries. Look at how Europe is developing today. All of Africa is moving. Look at Central African Republic which no longer exists, Somalia no longer exists, Cameroon no longer exists, Mali no longer exists, the Ivory Cost no longer exists. I would even say that Congo no longer exists, and many more countries will sink.

So we need a global reconfiguration which, peacefully, by the right of peoples to self-determination, will allow to reshape itself without violence. It is my dearest wish, it is the way of Kabylia, it is the way of wisdom.

We are able to go together to this inevitable reconfiguration of the world. Either we do it in peace as we do it, as we propose, or it will be done by violence and to the detriment of all those who hold to the established order.

I measure my words! Kabylia brings a message of peace, it would be good if it was heard. I repeat again, we are the last doves in this world. Listen to us, we are your brothers, we are your supporters, we are your best allies.

Let us work in fraternity, in mutual aid and in the recognition of the right of each people to self-determination.

Thank you

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