Nabila Dali, a Kabylian young multilingual singer

Nabila Dali is a young multilingual singer and lover of the world music, born in the Paris region, it is in Kabylia that she spends all her summers. Rocked by gospel music, Celtic or Kabylian music, it enchains the musical castings and participates in numerous stepping stones and television programs in France.

At 21 years old, as a revelation, Nabila Dali discovered more closely the Indian music and settled a few months in London. Then plate everything. An opportunity arises; the team of the program Alhane wa Chabab (Star Ac ‘Algerian) is in Paris. Selected among the finalists, she chose to defend Kabyle music.

A human adventure above all that will enable him to perfect his vocal and scenic performances during the bonus-times and to be encouraged by Kamel Hammadi. As soon as she returned to France, she sang concerts and premieres of big names such as Ait Menguellet and Idir.

When in 2012, released his first single “Imru”, the latter offers him to ensure the first part of his concert at the Olympia (February 2013). Accompanied by her band, Nabila Dali presents her universe and her musical personality. This date will take a remarkable turn in the career of the singer who, through her songs, pays tribute to all her musical influences.

A universal music since as she says “I would like to travel my music and travel with my music”. Between here and elsewhere, sometimes in Kabyle, sometimes in English …
The best presentation we can do about Nabila Dali  is to listen to her.

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