The world needs sovereign peoples to get out of the colonial night of fake independences

The existence of people (recognized as such) without states is an anomaly in itself, by which de facto disqualifies the international organizations (UN , unesco, etc.) and the so-called influential states that compose them in the will to solve the problems of these people. Dixit Arous Agouni

On September 28, 2017, the Memorandum of Self-Determination of Kabylia, addressed to UN Secretary-General António Guterres, was received by his services in New York.

This unprecedented initiative in the annals of the world organization inaugurates a new era for humanity through which freedom-loving people will no longer have to impose themselves by violence but by the force of law, in particular the peoples right for self-determination.

The Kabyle people, who takes to witness the international community, with a peaceful approach, will transmit this historical document through MAK-Anavad and its diplomatic corps to all regional organizations (OAS, EU, AU, CIS, ASEAN, Arab League …) as well as to all chancelleries.
The Kabyle people hopes that the greatest powers will take note of it with kindness.

The world needs sovereign people to get out of the colonial night, which false independences, acquired or granted during the fifties and sixties, have prolonged.

Only free people will be able to build a safe, secure and prosperous world.

Humanity will emerge out of barbarism only on the day when all people will be free and recognized.

It is not by chance that this event occurs at the same time as the Kurdish and Catalan referendums. It corresponds to the end of the world-order from Yalta and the rebirth of the people whom that the system is believed to have buried.

Long live the right of people to self-determination

Long live Kabylia; free and independent!

New York, 28/09/2017

Mr. Ferhat Mehenni, President of the Anavad (Provisional Kabyle Government in Exile)