Catalan self-determination : European artificial nation-states shake!

Despite attempts of intimidation from Spain and Europe, the self-determination vote will take place on Sunday, 1 October.

Arrests, ubiquitous police forces, confiscation of ballots, the kingdom finds its old demons, those of an era to which Franco ruled Spain with an iron hand. In ambush is another region under the control of Madrid that is none other than the Basque Country. Concerning these two territories, France obviously forgets that they are encroaching on its “one and indivisible” soil, and that the separatist problem of these so-called Spanish provinces will inevitably become the problem of France in the near future!

Scotland, which has been part of the United Kingdom since the 1707 Act of Union, had already had two referendums on the creation of its own Parliament in 1979 and 1997. In the last referendum on self-determination, urns and European threats to exclude Scotland in case of victory had narrowly failed the separatist cause qualified as folkloric by the French Jacobins!

At the height of irony, in June 2016, the Brexit revived the issue of Edinburgh independence. Indeed, the Scottish, historically Europhile, opposed 62% to the brexit. The SNP, which is now returning to the European game a stake in its independence, announced last March its wish to hold a new referendum.

Tomorrow, it will undoubtedly be the turn of the Corsican people who, in an ultra-Jacobin country, managed to take political control of its territory and send two deputies to the national assembly. In October 2013, the Jacobin panic reached its climax, following the monsters demonstrations “red caps”, symbol of the revolt of the Breton People against (already) the tax oppression of the France of … Louis XIV. After having attempted a Jacobin recovery of the movement by making an anachronistic and symbolic amalgam between the red Breton cap and the Phrygian cap, the Jacobin ayatollahs were quick to denounce the regionalist turn of the movement. The demonstrations organized by the Jacobin unions gathered only a few hundred people when the red caps were tens of thousands of rebels!

This profound change in society demanded by a large number of European peoples is legitimate because it concerns the fundamental rights of every free people: the right to choose one’s destiny!

The artificial nation-states, the founders of present-day Europe, can not long resist the will of those who make the riches of the continent, the secular peoples!

Formerly wars, today unfair competition, uncontrolled immigration, the destruction of our ancestral values, all the evils that affect our peoples are the fruit of the artificial nation-states that are at the forefront of international finance!

In 1871, the people of Nice experienced repression and confiscation of their sovereign vote, which later led to the methodical destruction of our culture, replacing it with that of the occupier, through the neighboring Provence, which had once again become its guardian. was completed following the Declaration of 1388 which saw the Pays de Nice join freely the States of Savoy before returning following the annexation of the 1860s!

As was the case with the collapse of the USSR in 1989, which led to the liberation of the enslaved peoples in Eastern Europe, the collapse of the artificial nation-states of Western Europe will inevitably lead to the liberation of Western Europe’s enslaved peoples …
The recasting of the Europe of the artificial nation-states into a Europe of the Peoples is no longer a utopia, but a reality.
“In wanting to stifle peaceful revolutions, violent revolutions are favored! J.F.Kennedy