Winter is coming

By Chawi Yella Houha
In the Kingdom of Morocco and in the neighboring banana republics Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, when the winter arrives, the Amazighs suffer the worst misfortunes inflicted by the climate. At this moment, all of Atlas and the surrounding rif-martyred villages, are isolated. Here, families whom already are suffering from great poverty, are cut off form the rest of the world at the mercy of the cold.
In this kingdom of puppets, children will die of cold and hunger! Our brothers should begin to ask the following question: can we die of cold in a country which has claimed itself “independent” since 1956? Despite the neighboring state Algeria being an oil and gas exporting country, every winter continues to be a new challenge for Kabylia and the Chawi Country.

In order to survive this cold, we must start by eliminating the borders we have placed in our mentality. We must no longer believe in these “states”, which are worthless nonsense. These “states” exist only in our heads!

What is Moroccan, Algerian or Tunisian? Nothing. They are wind. Only pseudo states for potentates attached to their privileges. Worse; these “states” have borders drawn by successive settlers. We have to start thinking and thinking seriously about becoming ourselves again.
And yet, winter is the blessed season for the Amazighs .

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