Statement of the Kabyle Prime Minister supporting the students’ boycott of the Arabic language in Kabylia

When a problem arises, it must be solved. We do continue not live with the problem. We do not get used to it.

Algeria pose a serious problem in Kabylia. It has a dimension of crime against humanity, against the Kabyle people. The problem is not something that is news to us. It took root the day the power mandated by France came to remove the Kabyle identity by supplanting it with the Arab identity that has nothing to do with Kabylia. This problem has lasted for far too long and it must be solved immediately.

The Arabic language proved to be a formidable engine of identity theft, cultural ethnocide and ideological alienation. Failing to be a language of science, reason and knowledge, it is a language of ideological indoctrination, and acts as a pedestal and substrate for Islamism, with the Middle Ages as a reference for civilization.

But this was without counting on the rebellious Kabyle people, who never bowed, despite the weight of years and centuries of domination and attempts at humiliation. The Kabyle people will never bear an identity other than their own. They will never accept another culture other than their own, and will never prefer a language that is not his own.


In the vanguard of all revolutions facing the various conquerors, again we find the great Kabyle youth, revolting against the Arabic language; a symbol of the colonization and domination of the Kabyle people. Removing the mother tongue from a people and imposing on it a foreign language is a crime against humanity. Kabyle youth is entitled to study in their own language, to live their identity fully and to flourish in their culture.

The MAK (movement for independence of Kabylia) and Anavad welcome and support the revolt of the Kabyle students against the Arabic language. This revolt is a call for linguistic independence, a prelude to the political independence of Kabylia.



We call on teachers in Kabylia to listen to the demands of the Kabyle youth, to banish the Arabic language, and teach all subjects in Kabyle. This solution should be applied immediately. There are hundreds of teachers who are already giving lessons exclusively in Kabyle. In parallel, Kabyle linguists can launch programs for the effective “kabylization” of all courses. Only by being in tune with the Kabyle people can we solve all the problems in Kabylia.

Above all, we must not listen to the directives of the colonial power, which continues through its relays such as the shameful HCA (Office of the High Commissioner for the Amazigh) and the still-born academy, to disguise the Kabyle language by writing in Arabic, in order to eradicate it once and for all.

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