Islam has nothing to do with God

Islam has nothing to do with God. Allah is not God and he can not be.
I am not a believer, but I try to imagine what this God, which so many people believe in, would look like. The one described in Jewish and Muslim texts has too many Jewish and Muslim characteristics. These very characteristics are still found among Jews and Muslims.

The God of the Gospels could be true if we consider that His qualities are incarnated in Jesus Christ. These same qualities are very rare among Christians of both yesterday and today. But among all Christians, we find echoes or traces.

In other words, Muslims are too much like Allah and the Jews are too much like Jehovah. But Christians cannot seem to be like Christ, and therefore cannot be like their God.This is what makes me say that the God of the gospels would be the true if he exists.That’s my feeling.

By Roger Ahaddad


  • Why dont u go fuck off with ur silly theory…Roger ahaddad are u even true person…your words …your sentences mean u have no knowledge avoir god or religion…who are u trying to seduce …atheist.

  • Islam leads to underdevelopment because it is a religion whose god is dictatorial, egoistic and vain.
    Islam must dominate all parts of society, Islam leaves no freedom, it governs everything, everything that comes out of Islam is reprehensible and condemns the person who ventures not to follow it to the Hell.

    Christianity for example to take a religion will not have led to underdevelopment, because the guiding principle of this theology is that “Everyone follows the God’s way as he wants, practice the rites he wants to act as he wants , the essential is the inner liver “.

    It is in Christian countries that humanism was born.
    In the humanists, the center of the world is made around man and the individual, that the salvation of the soul begins first in life, seeking the devellopement of humanity.

    The difference between non-Muslim and Muslim contributions is that foreign contributions, whether Carthaginian, Greeks or Romans, were not imposed on the population relationships and diplomatic contact, political, alliances (event-based). Muslim contributions came by the war and the force used by the Muslims against the berberes.

  • Yesterday at the mosque Imam said:
    My dear brothers, always remember that you should never point fingers. Never !

    (in chorus everyone) Why?
    (Imam) Allah is everywhere!
    (in chorus everyone) and then?
    (Imam) We could put the finger in his ass!

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