Common declaration upon the Kabyle nation day

Movement for self-determination of Kabylia – Provisional Government of Kabylia Common declaration upon the  Kabyle nation day

Translated into English by Muhend Arezqi

The process of Kabylia towards her freedom is punctuated by events recorded in her memory with letters of fire, of blood and of light. Since the time she discovered that the Algerian independence is not the end of her colonization but the beginning of another one more insidious, but cruel as well, evil and reprehensible as the French that she fought with the price of hundreds of thousands of her best children, Kabylia is looking for another way towards her sovereignty.

Although the political terror to which she has been subjected since decades still prevents her to claim the painful episode of her armed uprising of 1963 under the supervision of FFS (Socialist Forces Front), her willingness to be respected has regularly affected her relations with her new oppressor, the Algerian arab-islamic state.
Thus, April 20th 1980 remains the flagship date through which Kabylia imposed her print to the history of the whole North of Africa. When rising up against the banning of Mouloud Mammeri conference, she restated that she got back her way towards her freedom destiny. Implicitly, she has drawn with her all Amazigh peoples to follow her example.
The academic boycott of 1994-95, the popular revolt expressing kabylian people outrage after the murder of Matoub Lounes on June 25th 1998 marked the 90s decade. All these were but an introduction to the advent and the emergence of the kabylian nation through and during the bloody repression which plunged her into mourning during the « The black Spring» from 2001 to 2003.
It’s, again, and in order to express her willingness to assert herself and protect her children that more than two millions de Kabylians (1 Kabylian of 5) went to Algiers on June 14th 2001. Kabylia remembers this date as the one of her official emergence on political scene as a nation.
June 14th refers also to the creation of Berber Academy in 1966 by, among others, Bessaoud Mohand Arav.
L’ANAVAD (Provisional Government of Kabylia) born on June 1st 2010 in exile, in the lengthening of all her historical references, claimed in 2013, June 14th as KABYLIAN NATION DAY.
Kabylia who, these days is giving herself democratically a flag, before moving up to the consolidation of her state with new institutional edifications, feels in no way concerned by the barren bustle of the Algerian political actors.
The constitutional revision in which the Algerian government is currently busy gives nothing new to kabylians. For them, it will be the continuity of their existence denial, of their repression and the spoliation of their rights and their priceless wealth. The only maneuver he’s hypocritically attempting towards them is to lure them again with a fanciful Amazigh linguistic achievement. While Kabylia is henceforth aspiring only to the exercise of her self-determination right, the Algiers racist government wants to bait her with some crumbs of a language which is still undefined.
The Algerian opposition, more worried by the career of its leaders than by the problems of the denied peoples of Algeria, just held a meeting for freedoms and democratic transition. No word on Kabylia or on the massacre of the M’zab, the future of the Aurès or the Touaregs. On the other hand, the scandalous rehabilitation of the political islamism kills morally for a second time all the brilliant intellectuals assassinated by the islamists in the 90s. The Kabylian people are no longer expecting anything from those who have no consideration for all those who were killed for our freedom and our dignity. Today, government and opposition make an equation of which the terms are transmutable.
Which remains to kabylia is to take care and fight over her legitimate and sacred right to live as a nation. The time for freedom has therefore come. It definitely goes through the peaceful exercise of Kabylian people of his self-determination right.

Long life for June 14th 2001.
Long life for the Kabyle Nation
Glory to Kabylians murdered for the ideal of freedom and dignity.
Signed :
L’ANAVAD, the Provisional Government of Kabylia and the MAK, Movement for self-determination of Kabylia.

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