Algeria: the imprisoned journalist Merzoug Touati on hunger strike for six days

In Algeria, when you are a democrat, a human rights activist and you denounce corruption, Islamism and terrorism, you are imprisoned by the Algerian state as a threat to the security of the state or as a dangerous terrorist.
However, when you are a thief, a corrupt minister, or a well-known Islamist terrorist, or, better yet, Emir of a terrorist organization, like Madani Mezrag, who confessed to slaughtering young people with his own hands, you are given amnesty and you are promoted as a political personality… Therefore, the Algerian republic is named a so-called “democratic” and secular state by the European liberals.

The blogger Touati Merzoug on a hunger strike

“On the 6th day of Touati Merzoug’s hunger strike, he is accused of intelligence with foreign parties, unknown to the intelligence services (…)”writes the blogger’s lawyer, Salah Dabouz, on Facebook.
Merzoug Touati, 29, was arrested last January, after publishing on the site, an interview with an Israeli, where he said his country had a liaison-office in Algeria until the early 2000s.
Merzoug Touati, who has been held in Oued Ghir prison (Béjaia), has been awaiting trial for 8 months. His lawyer recently announced the filing of a complaint against the private television channel Ennahar, which has broadcasted misleading information about the case.

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