The United Nations, what is it?

When looting becomes a means of existence for a group of people living in a community, this group ends up creating an entire system of laws that allows for robbery and a moral code that glorifies it.  Frédéric Bastiat

It is an institution in the service of tyranny. An institution that serves a lot of criminals, serves the world’s most powerful and their interests. It’s a scam to worsen our sense, a scam too much. A place where nations are gathered for the worst, to dominate the fair part of humanity that is inclined to seek justice. A body to legitimize violations of international law to live freely. A body of torture of minorized people, oppression of people, of oppressed people. A forum too much for manipulators of all kinds, or a place where it is decided death over innocent and give reasons, death of cultures, languages and people as human enemies of freedom tries to erase from the earth’s surface.
The United Nations the machine that gives credibility to dictators, to impose them as respectable, to regard them as representatives elected by the people. It is a tool that puts mouthwash on voices that condemn injustice. It is a place where you buy silence and participation of each other. It is a kind of flea market where everything can be bought, some benefits for some, for others some silence, some peoples to sacrifice some oil and some silence against barbaric invasions.

The United Nations is the place where freedom of one is sacrificed to another-

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