The priority of Algeria is to break the Kabyles


There are two clans in Algeria, the Kabyles standing on one side and the Arab-Islamic and similar to the other side.

Algeria breath for one purpose: to complete the Arab-Islamic conquest in its territory. Nothing interests this country except the challenge to put all the Kabyles on his knees. Everything, absolutely everything, is implemented to subject the Kabyle people. The Arab-Islamist are not interested in other Amazigh people. The fixation is on the Kabyles still standing.

The Kabyle is good only if he is kneeling before the camel. Standing, he is to kill.

As there is still a lot, all the energy of Algeria will be directed to the eradication of the Kabyle matter, because the last recalcitrant are difficult to submit.

They are the Kabyle soul, the Kabyle conscience, the heart that beats Kabyle. Kabylia always begets enough to pump all the Algerian energy, leaving other Algerians neglected, abandoned, as poor as the Kabyle. But the Arab-Muslim people agree to live in misery until all resources are implemented for “the good cause”: Break the arrogant, the “kafir”, the provocative, the Jew, the irreducible standing Kabyle. To break him until he recognize the supremacy, the superiority of Arab-Islamic culture and thus make him admit that the Arab-Islamism is right to colonize him. Colonize his body, mind and spirit.

All excesses are allowed. All means are mobilized for the ultimate last stand which will complete the work of the first Arab-Muslim conquerors: nationalism, money, baton, acculturation, Islamic indoctrination, the replacement of the population, taqqia, the sanctification of the Arabic language, contempt of the Kabyle language, ridiculed Kabyles in TV series, falsification of pre-Islamic history, hatred of the Kabyle culture, lies, corruption, terrorism, media, mosques, schools, courts, administration, the police, whores, thieves, pollution, neglect, fiscal strangulation, taxes, corruption, homelessness minds ….

The Algeria is not interested in the welfare of the rest of the population, nor the economy, nor culture, nor the education of his children, neither science nor technology, nor the protection of the environment or to animal welfare or to the coast or to land in short, nothing, absolutely nothing other than her obsession to see disappear the Kabyles.

Everything is postponed because the priority is to break the Kabyles, to submit them to the last of them.


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