The greatest defenders of Islam are the USA, the Jews and the Europeans.

Gaddafi, the good friend of the West

Gaddafi, the good friend of the West

The greatest defenders of Islam are the USA and the Jews. Then come the Europeans. Arabia did not exist as a state before the end of the Ottoman Empire. It was the English, with the support of the whole West, who created it. In the Western world there are millions of Muslims who enjoy their rights without fulfilling their duties as citizens. Western citizens are brought to justice as soon as a Muslim accuses them of Islamophobia or racism. Western media are all pro-Islam and Western elites watch over and monitor their non-Muslim fellow citizens to remain politically correct with Islam.
The biggest friend of Arabia and the small countries of Golf are the USA. Egypt survives thanks to consistent US aid. Islamists are helped to establish openly theocratic governments in the majority of Arab-Muslim countries.

The US, the European Union and Israel have every interest in keeping the Muslim world in obscurantism, ignorance and Islamic dirt. They openly encourage them to sink into the most ridiculous bigotry and to believe again and again to idiocies without tail or head .. According to the West, as long as the Arab-Islamic world produces nothing, creates nothing and sells only Oil, Islam is good for them. They brake their oil and buy from the West food, drugs, weapons, planes, cars, trains, boats, useless machines, gadgets, nails and screws.
If ever some smart Arab came out to make a truly democratic, secular and modernist revolution, the US would be the first to arm Islamist groups to fight them. They will keep Arab-Muslims in their theocratic shit and in their state of dependent consumers because they deserve it. The Arabs deserve it because they are willing. They cooperate to their own humiliation by clinging to their malignant dogma.

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