By Boukhalfa Bellache

What do all Kabylians share? What do we have in common?

The earth we all walk, the people we compose, the language we speak. A history of denial, oppression and contempt – then resistance, a fight, and so much more (…).

Historically a strong country in terms of its intellectual battling throughout history, Kabylie should have come out of this vicious circle of permanent exhaustion (the myth of Sisyphus). So why has it not?

Many answers are to be found in different approaches, from the most learned to the most wacky. While I can perhaps not provide a final answer, I can sift through the dirt for strewn ashes like the rest of you!
Ever a turbulent country, Kabylie produced organizations, political parties, associations, individualities, movements etc. All of these draw their strength from a single source – the Kabyle people. Obviously, one voter can only support his own party and one’s own subjective way of seeing the outcome. It goes without saying that the division of forces is only weakening Kabylie, and in the present situation (where we are facing the roller coaster of Arab-Islamism and its many supporters) this division serves only to maintain and further our indecisiveness!

How does this division present itself? Well, roughly speaking:

1-Kabyles Independents (overall without major differences)
1 bis- autonomists Kabyles (?)
2-Amazighists (or if you prefer Algerianists), that are divided into a myriad of formations (federalists, leftists, democrats, islamo-leftists, …., etc …)

In truth, although it manifests in a myriad of ways, the independence movement of Kabylie is growing, and more and more people adhere to it.
The people, especially the poor, are crushed by a mafia-like power, and by a lethargy maintained by false perspectives presented by the tiny and collaborationist forces with mafia power and Arab-Muslim obscurantism.

In fact, Kabyles of all persuasions have more interests in common to defend than divisive pretexts with currently weaken us. We must find a path in the short term that will help us realize common interests and reach common goals, which simultaneously does not deny ourselves or rob us of our power to choose. What path this? Had we the means, this question would be thoroughly debated. Alas, we must rapidly unite, and together defend modernity,freedom of expression, organization, worship, equal rights for women, education, business,circulation, and last but not least: The construction of a parliament.


It is the duty of all Kabyles to forge this reality! Kabylie is one, and possesses only one choice: To fight for survival!


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