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ConIFA football world cup in London sponsored by Paddy Powers

ConIFA, the Confederation of Independent Football Associations, the alternative to FIFA for the stateless nations, signed in early February a partnership with the Irish bookmaker Paddy Power, founded in 1988, to be the official sponsor title of the World Cup football tournament in which Kabylia will participate, which will start on Thursday, May 31 and will end with the grand final on Saturday, June 9.

ConIFA President, Sweden’s Per-Anders Blind, said: « We consider Paddy Power as a fantastic solution to support our biggest event. » (…) « We are delighted to be working with them to organize an incredible celebration of football, culture and international understanding in the spiritual home of sport, London.  »

As for Paddy Power’s spokesperson, he said: « I am delighted to announce Paddy Power’s sponsorship of the ConIFA World Football Cup, organized for the underdogs and outsiders of international football who are not recognized by the FIFA.

The ConIFA Football World Cup sponsored by Paddy Power 2018 will bring together 16 teams representing the five continents, including defending champions 2016 in Sweden; Abkhazia, European champions 2017 of European stateless nations; Padania and new teams such as Kabylia, Tibet, Matabeleland and Barawa …

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