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Algeria clearly practices a policy of apartheid towards the Kabylian people.

The trash with a Kabyle origin

To the Algerianists
By Tarik Tinouche

– They ignore Kabylia in particular (and all Amazighs in general).
– they deliberately ignore 10 million Kabylian, ignore their identity, their language, their culture, their principles, their feelings, their rights, their existence;
– they ignore them in what they consider a « national » hymn, in the so-called national flag, in the constitution, in the teaching, in the administration, in the « justice », in the media, in the street, in mosques, etc .;
– They have some 170 Arabic-speaking and French-speaking daily and weekly newspapers and none in Kabylian (or even Amazighophone);
– they have some 60 Arabo-muzmuz TV channels and no Kabylian (or even Amazigh);
– they had, yesterday, their Arabic radio (channel 1) and even the French and English channels (channel 3 and 4) on the Big radiowaves and put the channel Kabyle (channel 2) in Average Waves. They were mounted in FM and had left the channel 2 in Middle Waves. Today, all are in FM except that they have limited the power of the Kabyle channel not to be captured even in Kabylia;
– they have good internet coverage (relatively, it’s true) everywhere except in the mountains of Kabylia where the flow is zero;
– they have the phone set with an Arabic ringtone;
– They killed 128 peaceful Kabylian and today continue to ignore them;
– They killed the father of the revolution, Abane Ramdane, they gave Amirouche to France, they killed Krim, they exiled Azem, Bessaoud Md-Aarav, they killed Matoub, Mammeri, Djaout and the others;
– they have arabized the toponymy of the slightest part of this semblance of country;
– they banned Amazigh first names for newborns;
– they banned our artists, politicians and other public men from broadcasting; they ban lectures in Kabylie and gagged all forms of Kabyle expression;
– they tried to kill our footballteam JSK and they almost managed it;
– they falsified Amazigh history, and banned from textbooks and museums Abane, Mohya, Mammeri, Matoub …
– they created us a Tamazight Language academia to kill the Amazigh languages; they expect us to write Tamazight in Arabic;
– they pretend to tolerate today the Amazigh demand (whereas it is to kill the Kabylian cause and finish with Tamazight);
– they miserabilize Kabylia;
– they have blocked all projects in Kabylia and they want to break at all costs the largest Kabylian (and Algerian) Rebrab and are made in Kabylian prisons and mosques;
– they pump the money from Kabylia by the tax, more than the other regions;
– they built only 5% of the houses of Kabylia (the 95%, it is the Kabylian citizens who realized them);
– they have left Kabylia only 10% of the water from its dams;
– they created wilayas puppets everywhere except in Kabylie;
– they burned our mountains and isolated our villages;
– they sent us prostitutes in our towns and villages;
– they made an East-West highway by stopping it in Kabylie (Sidi-Aich);
– and I don’t remember more.

-No, one last: Of the eight (8) presidents they have placed, none are Kabylian (and none have the baccalaureate…).

– Algeria clearly practices a policy of APARTHEID towards the Kabylian people.
– All that interests them is the Palestinians (which also does not care about the Algerians).
– And they reverse the roles and dare to say that it is the MAK who is separatist, that Ferhat is a corrupt and that there are few Kabylian who follow him!

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